La Tabacalera #6

This week’s look at the art of Madrid’s creative centre  La Tabacalera features the work of Mariano Antedomenico AKA El Marian.

As is often the case in the street art game some artists just fly under the radar for whatever reason and El Marian was definitely one who had flown under mine. This was actually the first I had seen of the Argentinian artists work not only in ‘real life’ but in any form.

The theme of El Marian’s work is protest. I’m not sure if the artists colourful murals are protesting any specific event or if he is just trying to bring attention to the various violent scenes we see on the news across the globe on a daily basis.

Another important theme of the artists work is resistance and it doesn’t take much imagination to picture the scene below with riot police running through fire after the throwing of a molotov cocktail by protestors.

One really interesting thing I noticed when doing some reading on the artist is that he doesn’t use sprays, solely acrylic paints and brushes. It always amazes me when artists create these huge murals with just sprays but I think it might amaze me more to see a piece on this scale done by brush.

Yet another piece I feel very fortunate to have seen on my travels.


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