La Tabacalera #7

I”ve gone for a double header this week as Animalitoland had two works on show during my visit to La Tabacalera in Madrid. One piece graced the outer wall and the other was located in the tunnels below the building. I had actually totally forgotten about the second wall until I started to write this piece and looked through my photos. 

The artists characters have a soft yet strong look about them, often smiling and looking inquisitive about what’s going on around them. The piece on the outer wall has a young girl under an umbrella wandering around the city dropping seeds which are sowing flowers in her path. The contrast between the colours of the girl and the grey of the city is something very special indeed.

The wall in the bowels of La Tabacalera, the one I almost forgot about, is more of a comic book style piece. The little child character in tribal headwear flying, well almost surfing actually through space on a creature that reminds me of the dog thing in the movie – Never ending story. For the older readers out there…

I really like the 3D vibe on the second piece as the creatures fly through a portal from space to Madrid, I especially like how the flying creatures hand is resting on the inside of the wall as if it actually clambering through. Two brilliant pieces.






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One thought on “La Tabacalera #7

  1. Both exceptional pieces, really classy. They have a soft feel to them, but best of all they tell a story. I love work that tells stories.

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