La Tabacalera #8

I would honestly love to tell you what’s going on in this piece but I genuinely have no idea what the hell is happening. This piece, ladies and gentlemen comes from the mind of Koctel and it be a strange strange world!

This mural is another that is situated on the outer wall of La Tabacalera facing the street and I think it’s been around for a little while now, maybe around two years or so. Pretty good going as there seems to be quite a lot of change there, possibly due to the high interest in being involved in the project.

So this piece… let’s try to describe what’s going on here. The piece appears to be of a fruit family, a star fruit husband who is pouring a liquid onto the ground as his watermelon wife and guava?? child look on… Yeah so that’s about the best I can come up with there, sorry about that. I’m sure there is some deeper meaning that I am completely missing. Oh and also the fruit people are wearing clothing straight out of the knights of the realm era.

What an insane piece of art and I love it.



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