La Tabacalera #9

This is another slightly older piece from the outside walls of La Tabacalera, from late 2016 I believe. It’s by the Portuguese artist Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel.

The piece is called ‘Flipped’ and was done for Muros Tabacalera. It’s pretty clear why the piece is named so with the armour wearing one eyed character hanging upside down. I find it quite interesting that none of his items are hanging as if he is actually upside down more that the picture has been flipped. I’m not sure what it all means but it looks very cool.

As with Add Fuel’s MO the Portuguese azulejo’s (tiles) are heavily featured with his incredible stencil work on full show. I love the mix of the two colours and styles and how they actually mesh well together. To me at least, there’s a Jeremy Fish vibe to the piece with those colours and the character design.




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One thought on “La Tabacalera #9

  1. Another masterpiece of ADD FUEL, one of my favorite Portuguese artists. Thanks for sharing:)

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