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Good friend, incredible artist and blog regular Tim Marsh had a show in one of Barcelona’s many associations recently. As always it was great to see Tim and also his wonderful art adorning the walls of what is a really nice looking & welcoming social club. His pieces contrasted beautifully against the bare brick walls & all in all it was a really enjoyable event.

However, and if he’s reading this I’m really sorry buddy, but the star of the show was a large piece on another wall by an artist named Marchal Shaka.

I don’t know much about Marchal or his previous work but his art seems to focus on the fragile nature and complexity of the human body. This piece that I saw that evening is really abstract in style. Full of geometric shapes twisting, winding and merging together to create an incredibly detailed portrait of, to me, a really pensive, stressed looking person.

This piece has been in Barcelona for around 8 months now but it’s existence seems to only be known to a handful of the city’s residents. I feel very fortunate to be one of them.


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