Meeting of Styles Barcelona 2019

Cayn Sanchez & Sav45 for Meeting of Styles

July saw international graffiti event, Meeting of styles hold a jam in Barcelona. This is the first Meeting of Styles in Barcelona in god knows how long. Hopefully it’s the start of an annual event here like in many other major cities.

The Smerg for Meeting of Styles
The Smerg


The jam was a little weird mind you. What I mean by that is that the week before the BCN edition there was an MOS in Madrid. The Madrid event had an official Instagram page and lots of publicity. Constant stories and posts on Instagram etc. For some reason, there was not a page for the Barcelona edition and there was zero coverage on any of MOS’s other pages. I’m not really sure what the deal was with that but it’s a bit of a shame as there was some truly awesome work on show. Fingers crossed that if this is going to be an annual event then next year will see Barcelona get the same coverage as the rest of the cities.

Che Boxem
Che Boxem


The event was held at a location called Placa Boticelli. Boticelli is quite a popular graffiti spot up the hilly north of Barcelona. It’s one of those places I don’t really go up to all that often due to how far away it is. It’s a pretty cool spot however, it’s like a big bowl underneath a roundabout. Another one of those weird legal non-legal painting locations we have here.



In some bad news, unfortunately I can’t share every piece from the event. The ever present sunshine in Barcelona plays havoc with shooting as there is almost always shade somewhere across the walls. Eight or nine of the pieces are completely covered in shade so not really share worthy sadly. Really sorry to those artists, I’ll make it up to you one day!

el nino de las pinturas

The work/artists

Of course I can’t really go into detail on every piece either or you’d be forced to read a 2000 word essay. And no one has time for that. But as you are able to see from all these shots there was a really high standard of work on show. There was a really good mix between writing and character/realism work. Keeps everyone happy right.


The Cayn Sanchez fireman and Conse’s character were both real standout realism pieces. Jeba and Soezes were probably my favourites from some really strong lettering. Maybe if Meeting of Styles returns to Barcelona next year I will do a series of posts about various pieces/artists.

Cayn Sanchez
Cayn Sanchez

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