Mira’Mir – Colours come to Montcada i Reixac

The municipality of Montcada i Reixac is to hold the Mira’Mir festival on the weekend of 19th October. The town is known locally for it infrastructures that have a great impact. One of them is the C-33 motorway which runs high more that half a kilometre through the urban nucleus generating a grey area without life.

The Montcada i Reixac town hall have decided to transform the motorway pillars into ‘poles of attraction’ turning the area into an immense outdoor art gallery. The pillars are set to become huge canvases of large scale pictorial works that, following a plot line will be presented as a forest of millennial trees in the middle of the town that hides above.

The theme of the event is Majestic animals in harmonious coexistence with brave children. There will also be, camouflaged in the paintings, animals characteristics of the autochthonous fauna that reside at the river that crosses the city. The organisers are looking to reflect on our relationship with the natural environment and establish a hopeful look for future generations.

The festival will offer the artists 25 pillars with more than 64 m2 of surface that are located along 500 meters under the freeway to carry out a great thematic mural related to nature and the natural environment. The artist activity will be carried out using the mural technique with plastic paint for exterior, brushes, rollers and eco friendly aerosols.

The festival will be held thoughtout the weekend of October 19th-21st and will feature workshops, musical performances and a wide range of gastronomy. I will be in attendance over the course of the weekend so expect some more info and shots from the event towards the end of October.

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