Mischief in the streets

Spanish based artist Mischief has made her annual flying visit to Barcelona this past week and boy has she been busy!

I found over 30 of these beautiful black and white paste up’s in just one quick walk around my neighbourhood alone. I chatted to the artist throughout the week and she was out every night posting tens of these pieces all over the city centre.

I actually thought that Mischief was a young up and coming artist but it turns out that she is an OG of the street art game and has been around the scene since the early 90’s. The artist spent time in New York and LA and was one of the first to organise ‘street art’ exhibitions bringing some of the biggest names now like Shepard Fairey, Crash, Doze Green etc. to London for the first time.

I’m really glad I asked where she was from now as I got an extremely interesting history lesson.

These day’s Mischief is based in the Balearic Islands where she quietly paints away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Thankfully for us she still has that urge to come to Barcelona and create mischief under the cloak of darkness. Bad pun I know…

Since I started typing this piece up I’ve found maybe another 10-12 and I reckon there’s still plenty more still to track down. I really love that black and white look, so simple but it really pops against the walls and doors they adorn. As you can see the pieces are all of female characters, some with tribal headwear and/or tattoos. They all strike a really nice balance between fierce and fragile.

Below are some of my favourites…



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3 thoughts on “Mischief in the streets

  1. Such beautiful work. I am very fond of wheatpastes and love it when artists blitz an area. A couple of years back a French artist Tian pasted dozens of pieces in Stokes Croft in Bristol…what fun finding them.

    1. Totally agree! I take it as a personal challenge to find them. You never know what else you might find, a different piece, a bar, a cafe, a shop whatever, it’s just fun to explore.

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