Molins de Rei Paint Jam #2

The small town of Molins de Rei to the south of Barcelona has been a hotbed of art events in recent months with two big jams alongside a big painting weekend for the Faltan Pintadas movement. Until I caught wind of the first paint jam I had no idea there was anything going on down there other than it maybe having a few good writers but turns out that the town is heaving with young creative people.

Elisa Capdevila

One organisation that encourages community and youth participation is Contorno Urbano so it’s no surprise that they partnered up with some of these young local artists to hold this weekend jam session.


The event was held in a tunnel that runs underneath the train line which makes for something a bit different location wise and allows for a bit of improvisation also with the walls being a slightly different shape and angle from what you would normally find on the streets.

Anna Repullo

The artists involved turned this tunnel from a generic plain pathway to something much more interesting for the passers through to look at. There was an wide range of styles on show as well, with burners, cartoon style pieces, portrait work and abstract compositions all sitting snuggly alongside each other. There was a piece for everyone essentially.

Pol Pinto

I’ll be the first to admit that amongst the artists who’s work I knew that there was quite a few that had never come across my radar before. The works of Anna Repullo, Marta Bass, Genis del DiegoPol PintoCosa Studio and Ongione were all brand new to my eyes. Anna Repullo’s piece in particular really caught my attention and I really hope to see more from her in the future.

Marta Bass

The other artists involved (the ones I did know of beforehand) included KTHR who created one of his sci-fi inspired pieces right at the entrance to the tunnel. Rage, El Gat Miau and Elara Elvira all added a bit of colour and surrealism to the tunnel with their pieces. Muralist Elisa Capdevila created a touching portrait piece of a young couple laughing playfully.


It’s taken me a good few weeks to get this typed up as I have only just had the time to go back and get some shots of the finished pieces, good timing I guess as there’s another paint jam coming up soon… I might have to look at moving to Molins de Rei at this rate!

I’ve attached some more pictures from the event below for you all to check out!

Cosa Studio
Marta Bass
ozire76 &
Genis de Diego
Elara Elvira
Elisa Capdevila
Sketch by KTHR
El Gat Miau

Sketch by Elara Elvira



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