Monsters Inc. Barcelona – Mr. M Lab

Mr. M Lab is an artist I’ve been following in the BCN art scene for a while now. Even if you took just a short look around the city’s legal walls there’s a very high chance you would see one of his little colourful monsters smiling back at you.

Mr M’s little creatures are so full of colour and happiness that I just can’t fail to smile when I find one on my many walks around the city. Some of the monsters smile, some blow kisses but my favourite for sure are the ones that have a real dopey looking quality to them, full of teeth and sleepy looking eyes.


We’ve even been lucky enough recently to see a first ever collaboration from the artist. Mr M partnered up with French artist Tim Marsh (more on him soon) to create one of his little monsters surrounded by Tim’s off the cuff geometric stylings. And to these eyes (granted I need glasses but still) it’s his best piece to date. Tim’s angled shapes bringing even more texture and depth to these little creatures. Fingers crossed for more of these collabs. in the future.

Below are a couple of my favourites (and one of him hard at work) and if you want to check out more of his work you can find him on Instagram as @Mr.M_Lab


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