Mr Kas – Breaking puzzles with my pet

Mr Kas, Porto, 3D, Puzzle

A short post this one as I ease myself back into regular blogging after a pretty long break. Portuguese artist Mr Kas has sent me a few shots from his recent wall in his hometown of Porto.

I actually planned on writing a large piece about Mr Kas last year as I was fortunate enough to spend a day with him whilst he was in Barcelona. For that particular piece the two of us hopped on the train and went about 20 minutes outside of Barcelona. We found a quiet, pretty random spot to be honest and Mr Kas spent the day painting a portrait of a good friend of his. It was a very cool experience witnessing a different artist create something in their style and shoot them whilst they work. It’s always interesting to see a new artist do his or her thing and also get to know the artist and hear their stories etc.

Plus, I must have found us a pretty random/secluded spot as I haven’t see any of the many photographers in Barcelona share this particular wall.

Mr Kas, Barcelona, Street art

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Kas sent me this latest wall from an abandoned factory in Porto. I was recently in Porto actually and found one of Kas’s pieces in his neighbourhood but didn’t have time to do any abandoned factory style exploring.

Mr Kas, Porto, 3D, Puzzle

The artist called this new piece – Breaking puzzles with my pet. As you can see it features a red crocodile bursting through a puzzle wall. Quite frankly this anamorphic piece is simply nuts! 

Mr Kas, Porto, 3D, Puzzle

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed at how some of these artists can create pieces like this. I have zero clue how they can visualise these walls never-mind actually paint them! Also, how cool is the photo below of Kas riding the crocodile! So, so cool!

Mr Kas, Porto, 3D, Puzzle


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    1. Sorry sorry sorry! I am slowly getting back into it again. Should have at least a few pieces this week from recent adventures.

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