Mr M Lab Birthday Paint Jam

Tim Marsh and Mr M

A few weeks back Mr M (Marc) added me to a whatsapp group chat centred around a small painting jam for his up-coming birthday. Also in the group were Tim Marsh, Ivesone, Berol and Oreo. The plan was simple, they paint, I shoot. Not an opportunity I was going to miss lets be honest.

The only surprise for me was that it wasn´t so much of a collaborative joint but more each artist doing their own thing. Tim and Marc did work together but the rest of the guys just did their own work and style.

Mr M

As it´s Spain, everyone was late so I had to go for a coffee to waste a bit of time. Only Marc is Spanish by the way, bad time keeping seeps into everyone here! Anyway, little dig aside, the artists decided to paint at Wallspot’s Drassanes location. It’s a nice spot there, lots of green and you can see the port. Most importantly the sun sits right about it for the majority of the day! Fair weather Scotsman here.

Mr M Birthday Paint Jam

Tim Marsh and Mr M

As you can see from the main photo Tim and Marc shared one wall. For it, Tim decided to paint his own geometric version of Marc’s monsters. It came out pretty good didn’t it! I really like how it looks like it’s popping out of the wall trying to scare Marc’s creation! Shout out to Tim for the cute little birthday cake he added between the characters, nice touch.

Tim Marsh Birthday cake

Ivesone and Berol

Ives and Berol also shared a wall although they very much did their own thing. Ives and his lady are expecting a baby soon so he has been painting lots of cartoon characters of late. Of course he still paints them in his glitch effect style to give it them that little bit more of an edge. This one might be Pebbles from Flinstones but Ives has retitled her ‘Lil Victoria’ which is the name he is giving his little girl.

Ivesone and Berol

To the right of Pebbles, Mexican Berol painted a sabre tooth tiger. There’s something really interesting about Berol’s style. The colour tones and that neon outlines make it feel as if his animals are almost dream or ghost like. The right hand side of the tiger looks as if it is floating into the wall to scare Pebbles!



To the right hand side of the other guys Oreo painted a couple of his ubiquitous ‘Badass Bearz’ along with some sharp lettering. Zach has used his Bears as not just characters but also the O’s on Oreo and One. Really inventive stuff. The background has shades of Tim and Marc actually, with sharp geometric lines and lots of little circles and bubbles. The little yellow and white lines make me think of doughnuts…


So there you have it, a fun afternoon watching friends create some cool pieces on the streets. Here’s to more of these types of days soon!

There are some more photos of the day below.

Oreo Cap Tim Marsh in action Ivesone, Tim Marsh, Berol Masking tape Ivesone

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