New MTO Mural – “On lâche rien”

Internationally recognised French artist MTO has just completed his newest mural in Jacksonville, Florida. The mural is titled “On lâche rien/We don’t give up” and was created in support of the yellow vest movement in France.

This movement started in Paris last October as people hit the streets demanding social justice from the French government.

Despite some demonstrators damaging public and private property the yellow vest movement made it’s point successfully. Just recently the French Prime Minister announced tax cuts and benefits to avoid further unrest.

This particular mural depicts a protestor ripping away the grey cloudy background to unveil a bright blue sky. This gorgeous blue sky symbolises the hope that these protestors had every day that they took to the streets to fight for their cause.

The title: “On lâche rien”
Curated by Iryna Kanishcheva and organized by GNV URBAN ART
Model : Mark Smith .
Located at 1276 West Adams Street, Jacksonville 32204
May 2019

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