Murs Plastics Paint Jam

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently there are a lot of jams and events going on in and around Barcelona right now. Nice weather brings artists out in their droves.

One such jam was held a few weeks back in the town of Manresa about a one hour drive north west of Barcelona. Unfortunately I don’t have a car so it was an hour forty five minutes journey on the train for me to get myself up there. I had plans on the Saturday so didn’t make it for the actual event but caught the finished pieces on the Sunday morning.

Google maps tried it’s hardest to kill me once I arrived by constantly trying to send me down a busy road that had no pavements so after binning that idea I set off and managed to find the pieces without the ‘help’ of Google.

This annual paint jam is held in Manresa’s skatepark and is organised by the local art association Murs Plastics and some of my favourite artists based in Catalonia were invited.

I’ve featured the work of Emak and Leim on the blog before and with good reason. Emak’s futuristic take on writing mixed with Leim’s character design is always on point and always produces incredibly inventive work.

Emak & Leim

I’ve shared the work of the NGFX crew members Jay Bisual and Jeff Bazak quite a few times here as well and again, with good reason. These guys are on top of their game right now and always create magic whilst working together. This ‘Shisha lounge’ piece is so colourful and creative with so much going on. I love the little nods to popular sneaker culture with Bisual’s character wearing Virgil Abloh Nikes and Bazak’s wearing Nike and Adidas slides.

I’d love to see these guys do a comic or cartoon together I think it would be hilarious.

Jay Bisual & Jeff Bazak
Jeff Bazak
Jay Bisual

This last piece is by Stain Kid and is a mix of cool cartoon character design and old school writing. This piece has a similar vibe to the NGFX guys wall with it’s really weird and colourful characters heavily influenced by comics and Sci-fi. There’s something about the black wall that really makes the green on the main character pop that little extra.

Well worth the trip up North to see these pieces although upon my return I realised that Murs Plastics were organising much much more than just the paint jam so I’ve already been back to visit again. More on that coming soon…

Stain Kid


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