New Kram & Slomo wall in Barcelona

Kram, Slomo, barcelona, Street art

Kram and Slomo have just come together to complete a new wall in Barcelona. Kram loves this spot, hidden away in the huge area of Montjuic. It must be a very peaceful place to paint with no cars, very few people and lots of birds and greenery.

One of the best things about owning a dog is the excuse of getting out of the house. On Saturday morning the wee guy woke me up at 6am to go out. Well, that part isn’t one of the best things but you know. This early start did give me the excuse to walk up to the secret-ish spot in Montjuic and check out Borneo & Dirty’s new pieces. Wait, I was talking about Kram and Slomo not Borneo and Dirty right? Don’t worry I’ve not gone insane after two days locked in the house, I did go up to the wall to see B & D’s new works. The thing is that when I got there, I saw this brand new piece from Kram & Slomo.

Kram, Slomo, street art, Barcelona

I’ve expressed my love for Kram’s work in various posts before and I will continue to do so as long as I am writing this blog. I was thinking about this on the walk home after seeing this wall and I reckon he is my favourite artist in Barcelona. I can’t really explain it but I get a real buzz when I see his work on the streets. This particular wall sees Kram create a skeleton spaceman. Kram favours a floating cap on his characters but this time the skeleton’s head is what is floating. I would say the character was dead if it wasn’t for how tightly holding it’s little space pet.

Venezuelan Slomo is based in Miami but has been in Barcelona a lot over the years. In fact I think he splits his time between the two cities. Looking through his Instagram page I definitely remember seeing some of his work here. Slomo’s work is all about geometric shapes and those blocks of colour contrast wonderfully with Kram’s character work. The different colours of green work so well against the black background and add so much depth to this piece.

Roll on more 6am starts if this is what I’ll find on my travels.

Kram – Instagram

Slomo – Instagram

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  1. Beautiful work. The dog has become my ‘ticket’ for visiting street art spots in Bristol. Quite handy really. I hope it will continue when restrictions get tighter here.

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