Next Stop, Last Call: Barcelona showdown

Next stop, Last call: Barcelona, Contorno Urbano, graffiti

After a small winter break, Contorno Urbano Gallery reopens its doors to “Next Stop: Last Call Barcelona Showdown”. This show focuses on ‘action graffiti’ photography by Mark Madness. A sick exploration of the Barcelona metro that recounts the context where graffiti writers act and how they develop their interventions.

The inauguration will take place on March 13 at 8:00 p.m. at Contorno Urbano Gallery, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. It can be visited until April 10 where it will give way to the next gallery exhibition.

This exhibition will be the final step before the launch of the book “BARCELONA SHOWDOWN”, a publication focused on the documentary photographs of Mark Madness. Mark stands out as a photographer for his overall vision and peripheral control of all the circumstances of the suburban game board. Tension, creation, confrontation and negotiation are aspects of graffiti to which Mark gives a personal meaning through the camera. The photographer generating photographs that have already stood out in publications such as Egowar Magazine and Tramontana.

In the exhibition you can also see a selection of the illustrations Alejandro Alonso has designed for the book. Likewise, it will feature a sample of the unpublished archive photographs provided by the most relevant writers in Barcelona. In addition, the exhibition will be accompanied by a brief presentation by Jaume Gómez.

With this exhibition, Contorno Urbano Gallery aims to bring attention to the work of photographer Mark Madness. This show will reflect all the invisible details such as tension, adrenaline, anxiety, oppressive spaces and euphoria of suburban graffiti. All this through the creation of a type of graffiti unknown to the general public, very difficult to capture and of which we only contemplate the final result of the pieces in some of our daily routines when climbing the subway.

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