Noah’s Train

Noah's train street art

Noah’s train has just paid a visit to Barcelona. What’s Noah’s train I hear you ask! Well, Noah’s train is is the longest mobile artwork in the world. This travelling piece of art measures 200 meters in length and features 17 specifically designed carriages. The train is inspired by the oldest history of environmental protection, Noah’s Ark.

Climate Change

The train is the idea of Rail Freight Forward who wanted to bring attention to an important matter. That matter is climate change. Rail Freight Forward’s goal is –¬†shifting 30% of freight to rail by 2030. They believe that rail freight is the only possibility to combine economic growth with climate goals.

Sabek Noah's train street art

The Noah train has actually been on the go for a while now. She originally left Katowice in Poland back in December last year and has been making her way through Europe ever since. The train has stopped off in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Madrid and now Barcelona.

Misterpiro Noah's Train Street art

In each city two containers, created by local artists have been added to the train to help transform this train into one beautiful advert for climate change. Once the Noah train is finished it’s journey the containers will be put to operational use for the most climate friendly way to transport goods and merchandise.

Alain Welter Noah's train Street art
Alain Welter

The animal kingdom

The train started it’s journey way back in December with just two containers featuring the work of Sedr84 and Samerups. These containers featured a shark, a whale, a tiger and a zebra. Of course with the environment being the main focus of the project these containers have all been adorned with a member of the animal kingdom. As the train has ‘snaked’ it’s way through Europe, flamingos, bears, monkeys, elephants and much more have all been added.

Noah's train street art

The most recent pieces were added in Madrid. Created by Sabek and Misterpiro these new carriages exhibit a turtle, a parrot, an osprey and the lynx. For a full list of the artists involved you can check this link here.


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