“Not Forgotten” Lucy McLauchlan for Forgotten Project

The second piece curated by the urban project born to claim the value of Rome’s contemporary architectural heritage highlights forgotten sport facilities. 

An anonimous surrounding wall turns into an artwork that questions: “what is beyond?”. The artist is Lucy McLauchlan, a well known British street artist for the first time painting in Rome. The wall is Campo Testaccio, the legendary football stadium of AS Roma football team, today a no-place that symbolizes all the forgotten sport facilities. 

Invited by Forgotten Project, Lucy McLauchlan’s elegant art mixed the colors of a football ball – black and white, the same colors that typify her art – with yellows and reds from the wall and from the football team that played here from 1929 to 1940. 
Titled “Not Forgotten”, the artwork was unveiled on May 23rd during a kick-ups competition, which brought back to that location the sport that had made it legendary. 

Lucy McLauchlan’s art is now also on paper, with a limited series of silk prints signed and numbered by the artist. These prints, which are available at https://www.forgottenproject.it/en/fundraising-en/

Forgotten Project, which was born in 2015 and it is now at its second edition, chose to put the spotlights on a building that is the symbol of a category, in order to deepen the architectural, anthropological and social aspects of the category, in this case “interrupted sport facilities”

There are many forgotten sport facilities in Rome: from Santiago Calatrava’s “Pinna di Squalo”, the never-completed olympic complex in Tor Vergata area, to the Flaminio Stadium and the ex-velodrome, but these three are just the most famous examples. Although smaller and lesser known, there are many neighborhood sport facilities in Rome that risk to be forgotten. 

To get ready for Lucy McLauchlan’s intervention, on May 12th Forgotten organized a street art bike tour through some of the murals previously curated by Forgotten Project. This event was part of the program of Open House Roma 2018.

This wall was promoted by Absolut Vodka, that supports Forgotten Project. The Swedish vodka brand has always been close to the art world as a creative tool for a better tomorrow.

Photo Credits: Stefano Corso e Zaira Biagini



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