OakOak – Out of the frame

French artist OakOak recently opened his solo show ‘Out of the frame’ at Montana Gallery Barcelona. This is OakOak’s first exhibition in Spain and see’s the artists humorous and whimsical interventions come to the gallery scene.

The artist sees the street as a blank canvas and creates all kinds of amusing characters out of every day items. Street curbs, discarded mattresses, drain covers, street signs… the possibilities are endless.

Clearly a lover of cartoons and video games the artist manages to insert these characters into all kinds of interesting situations. A crack in the wall becomes spiderman’s webbing, sheet music becomes Donkey kong trying his hardest to defeat Mario.

It’s interesting to see that the pieces exhibited don’t lose anything in the gallery setting and there’s still time for some cheeky interventions within the gallery space with an electrical socket transformed into a skeleton for example.

As a Rick n Morty fan the highlight for me is definitely the paint palette turned into Palette Rick…made me chuckle for sure.

The show runs until April 21st so if you are in Barcelona please go and check it out these wonderful pieces of art.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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