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Quarantine, lockdown, self isolation, whatever you want to call is it is still not close to being over in Spain but this past weekend saw at least a little easing of the restrictions. On Saturday my age group were allowed to leave the house for exercise between 6am and 10am and 8pm and 11pm. I wasn’t aware so many people jogged in Barcelona! Seriously though, I don’t blame people for wanting to get out and make it worth it.

Che Boxem, Barcelona, Graffiti
The work of Che Boxem

I’m lucky, I have a dog, a puppy in fact who is small and therefore has a small bladder. I get out of the house a lot, umpteen times a day in fact so the whole lockdown hasn’t been that much of a struggle for me. Yes, I have had some bad days but since I was furloughed from my work my mood has improved greatly. I have been becoming more and more positive, energetic and dare I say, happier with each passing day. I’m fighting the urge to put too much undue pressure on myself and just trying to have no zero days. It doesn’t matter what it is that I achieve on any given day as long as I achieve something. More often than not it’s 5 or 6 things but if it’s only 1 then that’s great. 

Zoen, street art, graffiti, Barcelona

I told you all a few weeks ago that I was really missing getting out there and shooting street art. This time has allowed me to come up with some photography projects away from the street art world but that particular itch seriously needs scratched. Well on Sunday – itch scratched. A good friend of mine who has not got the luxury of a dog and has spend the vast majority of lockdown time stuck in his 24m2 apartment asked if we could meet. He’s needed this and for us, the halfway point happens to be the most famous street art/graffit spot in the city. I would have obliged him anywhere in the city but this made it even easier to say yes too!

Jeba, street art, barcelona, graffiti

We planned to meet at Tres Xemeneies on Sunday night but as I am really OCD about my punctuality I had enough time to pop in my the legal walls at Drassanes. Drassanes is a wallspot run series of walls and is a few minutes walk from Tres. There were a few pieces I recognised from my last visit there but there was also a row of walls I had only seen on Social Media. And a couple I hadn’t.

Gabs, street art, graffiti, Barcelona

I immediately got that rush, that feeling I get when I spot a fresh wall from an artist who’s work I love. I couldn’t not wait to get my phone out of my pocket. No camera on this trip, don’t want to give the police an excuse. There were a few pieces from some up-coming interviewees in Gabs and Jeba. And a few other burners that really caught the eye. It was 8.30pm so the light was shit but it really didn’t matter, this wasn’t about quality of photos, just the feeling of being around art again.

Detok, Graffiti, burner, Barcelona

I moved on after taking a few shots and went to meet my buddy at Tres Xemeneies. There I was greeted with about 100 skaters doing their thing and another couple of small pieces that I had not seen before lockdown. To be honest, It was just nice to see my friend and hang out for a bit, we also bumped into Klover whilst he was passing through and discussed baking… that’s a future video series for you! Klover bakes scones live on No Grey Walls.

Klover, Barcelona, street art
Praying Mantis by Klover

All jokes aside it was so nice to have a little taste of freedom and real life, catch up with my buddy (which helped his mental state no end) and see some pretty dope art. The lockdown is going to continue easing every weekend here (fingers crossed) so it won’t be long till I am back to the grind going out to see art at every available opportunity. I will remember Sunday night though, as that moment when I was reunited with my (other) love!

Self, graffiti, burner, Barcelona
Artifakt, Street art, Barcelona
American artist Artifakt
Konair, street art, ice cream, skating, Barcelona
Lara Gombau, Barcelona, Black and white, street art
Lara Gombau

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