Oreo – the Badass Bear

Takeover seems to be a common word in my world at the moment what with last weekends first ever takeover event in the city and now with my latest feature on Oreo aka Zach the Scientist aka Badassbearz.

Zach is a French artist, from Paris to be exact, residing here in Barcelona running his Endzlab clothes shop in the city’s exciting Gracia barrio. Zack has made it his mission to turn (read: takeover) the boring plain grey persianas of the street where he works into ones of art and colour with his badass bears adorning as many persianas as humanely possible.


Not only is Zack creating these wonderful pieces of art but he’s also roping in some of his graffiti making friends with Tim Marsh, Konair, Kamil Escruela & Yosh le Poisson all collaborating with him to help breathe life into this little street in the north of the city.

By my count he’s up to 9 Persianas at this point but with plenty more still free of his badass bears I’m certainly looking forward to his continued works on this exciting and colourful street ‘takeover’


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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