El Joel goes back to the wall

El Joel paints a lot, like every few days a lot. He’s as committed to his craft as you are going to get. However here in Spain, as I am sure you have noticed, we have been on a pretty strict lockdown for so many weeks I’ve lost count. For an artist like El Joel that’s tough going. Not being able to hit the streets and scratch that itch must having been bugging the hell out of him. So, El Joel got creative and built a mini wall in his garden.Continue reading “El Joel goes back to the wall”

Interview with Laia

Laia is one of those artists who’s work I’ve been seeing since I first stepped foot on the streets of Barcelona. There is a real feeling of positivity in her writing, be it the shapes or the colours that she uses. It feels warm and fuzzy! After 20 years in the game I had the chance to speak to Laia about her writing and life in graffiti.Continue reading “Interview with Laia”

One step closer

Quarantine, lockdown, self isolation, whatever you want to call is it is still not close to being over in Spain but this past weekend saw at least a little easing of the restrictions. On Saturday my age group were allowed to leave the house for exercise between 6am and 10am and 8pm and 11pm. I wasn’t aware so many people jogged in Barcelona! Seriously though, I don’t blame people for wanting to get out and make it worth it.Continue reading “One step closer”

Interview with Klover

Klover is a Swedish artist residing in Barcelona. From memory he is one of the first street artists I met and got chatting to here. Those Swede’s with their great English helping a brother out eh! Not only is Klover a great guy but he is also one of the handful of artists who’s work always gives me a little buzz in my stomach when I come across it on my walks. It’s just light hearted and fun but still quality at the same time. Wanna find out a little bit more about Klover? Read on! Continue reading “Interview with Klover”