Interview with David Villaécija

This week’s interview with Barcelona based madrileño David Villaécija. David’s work first caught my eye in late 2018 and he’s kept my attention ever since. David’s work is a mix between beautiful story telling scenes and haunting fictional character work. Check him out below! Continue reading “Interview with David Villaécija”

Interview with Moño

For my latest interview I had the pleasure of speaking to a young Barcelona based artist called Moño. This young artist has been hitting the streets of Barcelona for the past year with her particular brand of surrealist portraits. She is also a regular fixture at the cities various art fairs with her homemade comics and fanzines. Continue reading “Interview with Moño”

Borneo & Dirty

I mentioned last week that I had gone to see new pieces from Borneo and Dirty in Barcelona. I then proceeded to talk about two completely different artists who had painted on the next wall. So it’s only right that I delve back in and chat a little bit about the wall I originally went to see!Continue reading “Borneo & Dirty”