Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 Llobregat 2018 Edition

Local art foundation and all round hard working good guys Contorno Urbano have recently announced the line up for the 2018 edition of their 12 + 1 project.

Held monthly on a 50 square metre wall near the Torrassa metro station in Hospitalet Llobregat Barcelona, this intervention showcases the talents of 12 artists from a wide range of artistic disciplines.

This years edition had 179 applicants, 33 of which were internationally based, which must make for an incredibly difficult task for the organisers to choose which artists will have the opportunity to paint on this amazing outdoor art gallery.

Winners of this years 12+1 walls are Zurik, Joan Cabrer, Udane, Alva Moca, Sue 975, Etnik, Perrine Honoré, XAV, Dan Ferrer, Lily Brik, Sepe, and Medianeras Murales. 

The first piece has just been completed (more on that soon) and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings from this important project.


Tim Marsh and Ivesone – Return of the Graffiti Jedi

Barcelona based Dutch artist Ivesone has been living the high life recently, jetting all over the globe to paint and share his art with the world. Ives travels have seen him take in Italy, Aruba, Miami and home town Amsterdam but luckily for us here in BCN he always returns ‘home’ with the urge to make up for lost time and get back to painting our sun soaked streets.

Just a few days after landing Ives was back at the city’s ubiquitous Tres Xemeneies to collaborate on a piece with good friend Tim Marsh . Although good buddies the artists have very different styles and as you might have seen previously on this blog or if you follow me on Instagram, this contrast in styles makes for a very interesting final piece.

The artists went with a Star Wars theme which would have, in my humble opinion worked better with a Painting of the Maltese Falcon since Tim has Maltese heritage but that’s really just something that i’d find humorous more than anything.

Ives tends to favour a layered stencil style spray focusing on faces which has produced this stunningly realistic Princess Leia on one side of the wall with Tim’s geometric style lending itself really nicely to creating a colourful stormtrooper head on the opposite side. A contrast of styles technique wise and a the contrast of good versus evil as well, I wonder if the artists chose their characters on purpose?

All in all a very interesting and fun piece (which garnered a lot of attention on Social media I must add) showcasing both artists different styles of design.

May the street art be with you!


3 of the best – Weekly round up

Right let’s get back into doing the weekly round up on an actual weekly basis instead of my lazy once in a blue moon thing I was doing last year.

I’ve decided to trim it down this year and just do a three best pics of the week instead of eight. I’m doing this for two reasons really, I’m too lazy to trawl through Instagram and find the pictures (plus their algorithm sucks) and because I plan on writing more pieces so more of the most liked pics will appear in actual articles instead.

Each week the two pictures below my waffle will be the second and third most liked pics from the past week and the header piece will be the most liked… or my favourite, whichever takes my fancy any given week.

The header piece this week is by DavidL who is an artist i’ll be writing a lot more about in the coming weeks and months, with his stunning ET Piece which I was fortunate enough to find in an abandoned place over Christmas.

The second piece is an interesting one and a pretty fortunate find I guess, it’s a fully painted van by Enric Sant which was just parked up near my work. Not something you see everyday.

And last but my no means least is a piece from prolific French artist Manumanu with his favoured portrait style work.



Velvet and Zoer – Walls that speak

After an extended work enforced break the blog is back and this year is going to be my most productive yet… I can just feel it in my bones. Who knows, I might even be able to actually do the weekly review piece, you know, every week!

Over the Christmas holidays on a rare day off work I was fortunate enough to spend the day exploring new teritory with good friend, amazing photographer and all round wealth of knowledge Fer Alcala

Fer took me to the town of Granollers about 40 minutes north by Train from Barcelona to show me some murals and walls that I had no idea even existed. The only piece I did know of but had no idea how to get too Fer had actually photographed a few days previously so he was more than happy to take me there soon after stepping off the train.

The piece by Velvet and Zoer is for Murs que parlen (walls that speak) an initiative from the local council in Granollers to bring some colour to the area. The two artists spent some time with the local community to get a feel for what they should create and how it would impact and give meaning to the local area.

Zoer has given a really nice insight to the creative process on his Instagram page, which is below…  And for me, as much as I love finding art all over the city & the world as a whole I find it incredibly facsinating to learn the history of the project and see how much detail and attention goes into making pieces such as this one for a specific community.

“One month ago , Velvet and me started painting this mural in Granollers / Catalunya. Relating an artistic action to its close environnement and context is a big question as: Does have the mural/ public space/ art to make a clear connexion with his time or to a special meaning. The population of Catalunya expressed recently its will of autonomy and most generally the possibility of reorganizing the society around a strong regional and cultural defense. As foreigners, we can only watch and interpret the informations coming through a certain distance. The Can Bassa district in Granollers is a very quiet district, let’s say mostly castillan, or inhabited by people from all the country. We were invited to take a look at the academic system here, by giving a class to young art students and by visiting the infant school to high school. The focus is set on the personal development and awakening to creative fields, developing exchange and curiosity.
In a dance class, where children were training, we found dozens of drum sticks in a blue plastic basin.
Besides of that we has the chance to meet Toni Cumella and to visit his splendid ceramic factory. Their ceramics are designed for architecture mainly, where a million of single pieces can shape an ensemble, become a pattern, a second skin to a concrete structure. Well known for having designed this sophisticated ceiling ceramic map for Santa Caterina market, Barcelona, they worked as well with Renzo Piano on the Centro Botin, creating a sensational floating pattern from thousands of ceramic disks modeling the facade and reflecting the light. During the inauguration, musicians were playing percussions using the ceramic facade as a giant drum with thousands of pads”



GR170 – Suburban Folk

After work tonight I took a wander down to the Montana Gallery Barcelona to check out the GR170 exhibition titled ‘Suburban Folk’

GR170’s work is usually not found on the streets of Barcelona (save for a recent intervention at Arnau Gallery) and is more often found in the outskirts of the city, hidden away in abandoned factories and buildings. I’m guessing the little wooden truck that was part of the exhibition was a nod to this…

The exhibition featured plenty of GR170’s usual colourful ‘street’ characters, painted on metal sheeting and riveted together to make one big piece (which makes for something a bit different to the usual canvas work) and also some really interesting ceramic sculptures that really added an extra dimension to what is an excellent show.

If you are in Barcelona be sure to head to the Montana Gallery and check it out! The show runs until the 10th February.