Tattooing with Uriginal

Something slightly different for nogreywalls today with this post. This weekend I was a guinea pig for Barcelona born and bred artist Uriginal in his new hobby of tattooing.

Uri’s work on canvas and walls is something that I have loved since I first came across his work (please please check out his work, it’s incredible) and the chance to be tattooed by him, even with only five tattoos worth of experience, seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

I arrived at Uri’s apartment with, I wouldn’t say low expectations, but due to his lack of experience I wasn’t expecting the final piece to be absolutely perfect. With this in mind I was pretty stunned to see how quickly he has mastered something that takes years of practice in just a few attempts. It really shows how great artists can turn their hand to almost anything ‘arty’

In all honesty if Uri continues tattooing and continues to learn at such a rapid pace he is going to be one of the best tattooists around in no time at all and it was an absolutely pleasure to be one of the first to get one of his pieces etched onto my body.

Few pictures below of the process and the final piece which I honestly could not be happier with.

Also #freethenipple





Zemsoner and Miss Hazard

A new piece popped up in BCN this week (like artists ever take a day off) by two of my favourites in the city, recent interviewee Miss Hazard and tattooist and graffiti artist Zemsoner.

These artists are a match made in heaven, Zems with his characters straight out of a video game where everyone loves thrash metal (dibs on this idea) and Miss Hazard’s beautiful female warriors. They are such a great combination, even the soft features on Miss Hazard’s faces seem to fit well with the halloween esque orange background and approaching hooded figure of death.

I absolutely love this piece, the colours (the purple and green hood especially) and the characters contrast so well. Hopefully it sticks around for a while even though everything moves so fast on the legal wall scene here.


Kaligrafics Válvulas & Ritmos 2017 – Part three

A little more from Kaligrafics most recent Autumnal graffiti jam.

First up the headline photo is of a piece by Emak and Leim from the Fours and Future Classics crews. What else to say about this piece other than that it is absolutely mind melding! It’s a modern take on graffiti writing, mixing the writing aspect with something almost like pop art to create something that immediately stands out. These guys are definitely pushing the envelope when it comes to graffiti writing at this moment.

The second piece is by Dayre who sticks with a more old school wild style approach to his pieces. Alongside his strong writing is usually a smiling face with a baseball cap which I assume is his graffiti version of a selfie.


The last but by no means least piece is one from frequent collaborators Chesone and Bublegum . Both artists are already experts in creating hyper-realistic pieces and they seem to bring out the best in each other whilst collaborating. One scary thing is that having followed both artists for a couple of years now, their work seems to be getting even stronger. I’m not sure how that’s even possible with the standards they set but they seem to be pushing their pieces even further recently and it’s getting to the point where it’s almost like they have placed a photo on the wall instead of spraying paint.


Double trouble – new works by Loko Ramzy

A couple of new pieces popped up in Barcelona last weekend. On first glance these works are by two different artists in the ever thriving scene in BCN but a cursory look at the tag surprised me in that they are in actual fact both by Loko Ramzy .

Ramzee is a consistent presence on the streets with his pieces being a mix of writing burner style and hyper-realistic portraits.

The first piece below is definitely in the latter camp with this stunning representation of a female face. Actually the piece has now been changed to have no mouth and just paint drips from the nose down (it’s called don’t speak on his IG Page) I don’t know if Ramzee was unhappy with the final piece or decided to try something different once it was finished but either way it’s a great addition to this wall. Also for the record, I actually like the new version better so go check it out on his IG page.


This second piece is more of a modern take on Graffiti writing. I’m terrible at reading burners but even I can see the cracked eggs at the end as E’s. The mutated brain with the middle of the M just poking through etc.

As much as I like hyper-realistic pieces this mutant burner with all those little details (the fried eggs, the antenna eyes on the green monster) give this piece the edge.


NBQ Company – No Violence no maltreatment

This weekend saw Spray paint specialists NBQ hold another paint jam in Barcelona. The nice thing about NBQ’s events is that they are not just paint jams for the sake of gathering a bunch of artists and painting somewhere. NBQ like to promote positive messages through street art and this most recent event was no exception.

NBQ got together with artists HisemoneRuinaDeryoneAbsure Cangasaurio and Adri Francis Yeray for Stop Violencia – Maltrato promoting a strong message of anti terrorism and togetherness.

As you can see all the artists involved managed to create pieces that will hopefully make anyone who comes across them think a little more about the meaning of each one instead of focusing solely on the artistic aspect.

Peace and love street art lovers.