It’s a paste up city

One way to avoid unwanted police attention in Barcelona whilst looking to colour the streets with art is the use of a paste up or sticker slap.

On almost every street in the downtown areas of Barcelona you will find a paste up high up on a building, low down on a door, stuck on a lamp post, basically some sort of art everywhere you look high or low.

This method of street art is a very effective way of getting your art out there to the people whilst simulationsly circumventing any graffiti laws. The artists of BCN (and some visiting artists too) are prolific at decorating the streets with their art and at the moment the scene is absolutely thriving.

It’s a great entry point for up and coming artists who are maybe not at the stage of painting a huge mural on a legal wall or on the side of a building but are still looking to get their designs out there for the world to see. And since it’s not classed as graffiti, the local authorities won’t clean the art from the walls so these pieces generally last much longer than something painted on a wall a fame for example.

Below are a few of my very recent favourite finds from my many walks around the city.


8 of the best – Weekly round-up

Every Sunday (he says optimistically) I am going to do a round-up of the most liked photos from my nogreywalls Instagram page. In theory this is just to show what my followers liked the most each week. In reality it’s more like what IG’s ridiculous algorithm actually allowed people to see on a daily basis and enjoy.

I’m mentioning each artists IG tag under each picture so if there’s anything you really really like (you know you will) you can easily find the artists and give them a follow!

As for my favourite of the week… it’s the headline image and it’s by an artist called Zemsoner.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Artist: @bublegumsr


Artist: @jmiguel_mendez


Artist: @badassbearz


Artist: @badassbearz


Artist: @axe_colours


Artist: @cobreart


Artist: @ni_mini


Artist: @wz_1984



Amaia was here…

With what happened in Barcelona yesterday I thought it would be good to take my mind away from all the troubles in the world and think/write about something that makes me happy… Art! Art and music always help take my mind away from whatever is going on out there or even in my own mind and help me drift away into a happier more peaceful place.

So with that in mind here’s another blog post whooooo hoooooo, well I imagine you are all making that noise with such good news! That’s three in a week after three months of procrastinating and making excuses, I’m becoming almost prolific! Almost.

For today I am focussing on the Barcelona residing Basque born illustrator Amaia Arrazola. Amaia has been creating in the streets of Barcelona since 2011 and isn’t the type of artist to get bogged down in doing the same piece over and over again. In the artists own words she “loves art, drawing, typography, screen printing, pottery, sewing and embroidery” so definitely an artist who is always looking to progress and improve and not one for stagnation.


Amaia was recently amongst a group of local artists chosen to paint a large mural as part of the city’s world famous Primavera sound music festival. The festival which attracts around 190,000 visitors each year commissioned these artists to create murals on a large wall right at the entrance point to the festival. This was, for me, was one of my highlights of the festival, seeing artists that I really admire working to create something that not only would be seen by so many thousands of people but also those music fans getting the chance to see art created from a blank wall to the finished piece in just a matter of days. Like a real life time-lapse if you will.

In my opinion there is something really soft and sympathetic about the characters that Amaia creates, cartoonish humans and animals comforting each other and sharing food. It’s one big love fest and with what has happened here in the last 24 hours that’s exactly what I need right now.

Peace and love to all…


Oreo – the Badass Bear

Takeover seems to be a common word in my world at the moment what with last weekends first ever takeover event in the city and now with my latest feature on Oreo aka Zach the Scientist aka Badassbearz.

Zach is a French artist, from Paris to be exact, residing here in Barcelona running his Endzlab clothes shop in the city’s exciting Gracia barrio. Zack has made it his mission to turn (read: takeover) the boring plain grey persianas of the street where he works into ones of art and colour with his badass bears adorning as many persianas as humanely possible.


Not only is Zack creating these wonderful pieces of art but he’s also roping in some of his graffiti making friends with Tim Marsh, Konair, Kamil Escruela & Yosh le Poisson all collaborating with him to help breathe life into this little street in the north of the city.

By my count he’s up to 9 Persianas at this point but with plenty more still free of his badass bears I’m certainly looking forward to his continued works on this exciting and colourful street ‘takeover’


The Takeover Barcelona

Well I was hoping to be slightly more prolific with this blog but seeing as this is my first post in 3 months I’m going to have to claim some sort of writers block as my excuse! Or the summer heat here making me a little more dopey than usual.

Now that my excuses are out of the way lets get down to business. This weekend in Barcelona saw the innaugral ‘Takeover’ event which in the words of the organisers… “Is a street art event that brings together Barcelona and Berlin based artists to takeover an urban space and transform it into an urban oasis”

The event was held at the Nau Bostik in the city’s La Sagrera district. The Nau Bostik is a former glue factory which now houses a myriad of local events from street art to photography shows to food truck and music shows.



The takeover brought together some of Barcelona’s finest artists along with a smattering of artists from Berlin to create a truly unique event allowing various artists to collaborate on pieces that might not have been possible in a normal day to day setting.

The art created this weekend will be on show at Nau Bostik for a extended period of time allowing plenty of street art fans to witness the fruits of what was a memorable experience for the artists involved.

Here’s hoping to more ‘Takeovers’ in the future.