Premia del mar paint jam

The paint jams are coming thick and fast right now and even with all the will in the world it’s too difficult to get to them all. I do try my hardest however and although I didn’t get there on the actual day I managed to get to the walls in the beach town of Premia del Mar the day after their annual jam to see the finished works.

The event was organised by local artist Soem Mac and I believe this was the 7th edition of the jam. I had absolutely no idea the event existed but it’s been added to my street art calendar for next year so I don’t miss the 8th edition. Yes, I have an event calendar… I have grand plans ya know!

Dob Style

This years event had over twenty artists in attendance along with live music, dance battles and graffiti workshops for kids. A real community art event. I am a big believer in getting whole communities involved in these kind of events as I believe it helps change the perception some people have of graffiti and it gives future mural projects and events a better chance of being signed off by the local authorities.


There were a number of artists who’s work I really enjoy on hand with the likes of Maga (the header pic) Bemie with his fun character design and Francisco de Parajo aka Art is Trash all contributing to this big purple wall in the town centre.

Below are some of the other pieces from the event and all going well I’ll be able to bring two days worth of images and chat from next years jam!

Pablo Navas
Art is Trash








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