Recap – Wallspot ‘Hit the Wall’ 2018

This month saw local art organisation Wallspot hold their annual paint jam ‘Hit the Wall’ at Barcelona’s famed legal graffiti spot – Tres Xemeneies.

The event featured over twenty of Barcelona’s finest artists who got together to brave the rain and wind to takeover the park and fill it to the brim with their creative work.

I’m bringing you an overview of the event with some of the most exciting works produced.

Regular readers will know that I love the work of both Tim Marsh and Mr M so it was a pleasure to see them join forces to paint the biggest wall available. Never ones to shy away from a challenge the duo painted this fantastic colourful piece in just a few hours, not letting the rain stop them one bit. Which is quite surprising for Mr M as he is definitely not a lover of cold and rain!


Recent interviewee Rage was also at the event and was on fire, creating this wonderfully weird comic style piece. The spaceman character crash landing on in a bathtub on an alien planet and his most pressing concern is Wifi… fantastic work and probably with more than an element of truth to it.


Venezuelan artist Borneo Modofoker was also present and created a ginger bearded dude sipping on a soda. His piece was one of four in and on the weird open box structure in the middle of the park. Claudio Dre added one of his atmospheric landscapes directly opposite Borneo with El Rughi painting a character in honour of the Chinese year of the dog on one of the outer walls. Completing the structure was the collaboration piece by Berol377M.3.Z.O and Yes Say. Berol’s skull being complemented by M3ZO’s interesting take on writing and Yes Say’s old school rose.


There’s a second weird structure in the park, a small four sided box which makes for an intriguing place to paint. 2000nce took up the challenge and filled all four walls with his abstract work.


There was some nice writing/calligraphy on display with Signsbyoner utilising the lamp post in front of his wall to brilliant effect – this piece may say simple but it’s anything but. James D Barranger linked up with Juri Agostinelli to create a piece called ‘rain or shine’ very apt considering the weather. I wonder if this was always their plan to write or if it was impromptu on the day?


Regular collaborators Emily Eldridge and Ninja Expert painted one of the parks biggest walls, this story board piece entitled ‘smart phone love story’ A very modern tale for sure!


In the Middle of the above pieces Nuriatoll’s mural ‘Think Big’ of a geometric whale was one of the highlights of the day.


There were also pieces from stencil master SM172, the legendary ElxupetnegreOreo, and Gerard Sune.

Check out some more photos from the event below – all photos by Lewis Duncan.



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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

5 thoughts on “Recap – Wallspot ‘Hit the Wall’ 2018

  1. Fabulous post. What I find extraordinary is that none of these artists are known to me, other than through your blog for which I am grateful. So much to learn.

    1. It’s funny you say that because through social media you can find hundreds/thousands of artists and i sure follow a helluva lot but each city has there own group that maybe just get missed by the masses, even the hunters. It’s the same when I read your blog or look at your ig, i’d say about 90% of them are completely unknown to me. which is great! but at the same time makes me think i know nothing haha

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