Roc Blackblock – Barcelona Anti facist

Roc Blackblock, Anti Facist, Street Art

Just yesterday I brought you the work of Roc Blackblock and today, something else new from the artist! He is on fire just now all right. Roc is actually one of the few artists with permanent murals in Barcelona, he has a bunch of them in fact. His desire to bring attention to historical Catalan subjects, people and monuments really resonates throughout the cities inhabitants.   

Speaking of which, he just just finished a brand new mural in the cities Gracia barrio, it is titled “Barcelona Antifeixista” or Barcelona Anti facist. 

Roc Blackblock, Anti Facist, Street Art


In 1936, the “Office of Information and Propaganda of the CNT FAI” commissioned various photographers to capture “what was happening on the street” The mural is inspired by one of those photographs. The original, by d’Antoni Campanyà is dated August 28th, 1936, one month after the cop d’estat. It belongs to a series of portraits of the militants who conquered the “Military headquarters of the Bruc” (which went on to be called “Military headquarters of  Bakunin”)

Roc Blackblock, Anti Facist, Street Art

The importance of this series is that this photographs become the certification of the Social Revolution’s victory, portraying the people’s victory on the military headquarters (a symbol of the last national defense in the area).

This victory was the start of the Social Revolution in Catalonia. Factories and lands were collectivised, wealth and resources redistributed.

Roc Blackblock, Anti Facist, Street Art

Roc told me that “Painting an image with that history has taken a special significance as I painted it on “Kasa de la Muntanya”, an old Police headquarter that it’s a squatted house from 1989 till today. Despite the defeat, the 40 years of dictatorship … the anti-fascist spirit remains intact in Barcelona.

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Roc Blackblock, Anti Facist, Street Art

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