Roc Blackblock – Wool Urban Art Festival

On June 17th 2017 Portugal suffered as 64 people lost their lives and another 134 were injured in the tragic Pedrógão Grande fire. As part of this years Wool Festival in Covilha the organisers felt that they wanted to create a tribute to the many volunteer firefighters from the region who year on year have to risk their lives fighting these terrible forest fires.

The artist chosen for this intervention was Roc Blackblock, a Spanish native who specialises in powerful murals that focus on social and economic  issues.

Roc told me “When I received the commission I thought it was a great project, really emotional and nice to use street art as a way to express the communities feelings and gratitude towards the firefighters” 

Roc has created a truly awe inspiring mural which is a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to these brave men and women of the Covilha region.

“For me it is best when street art belongs to the city, the community, and this is one of the best examples. My intervention is just the language. I’m like a translator, the communication is open and clear between the citizens and the fire brigade”

Photo by Pedro Seixo Rodrigues
Photo by Pedro Seixo Rodrigues



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