Run & Basik new mural in Florence

Run, Basik, Florence, Street art

RUN and BASIK have completed a new mural located on the façade of a building in the district of Rovezzano, in Florence.

The artists spoke with the residents of the neighbourhood who expressed the desire for the artists to carry out an intervention with the subject of boxing. The reason for this being that close to the mural a new boxing gym will shortly be opened.

Run, Basik, Florence, Street art

RUN & BASIK told us that “to avoid producing a work too didactic (too obvious) we decided to adopt as object of study the theme of the “Challenge” and the “confrontation/clash” that links two entities and pushes them to face each other in the ring, as on many other battlefields”

Run, Basik, Florence, Street art

This initiative is part of a series of events promoted within the framework of the Festival of Rights, which every year celebrates Tuscany as the first country in the world to have abolished the death penalty in 1786.

The intervention was curated by Matteo Bidini of Street Levels Gallery.

Run, Basik, Florence, Street art

The artists continued “According to this celebration purpose, our intervention wants to remind everyone that the acquired rights have hardly achieved through time, and not freely but thereafter revolutions, resistances and struggles that we find today widely documented on the history books, but whose all of us too often miss the memory”

Run, Basik, Florence, Street art

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