Sabek at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Gallery show at Montana gallery

Spanish artist Sabek has opened his latest solo exhibition in at the Montana Gallery, Barcelona. ‘Origens‘ will run until June 29 and  contains a selection of 16 paintings in three different forms.

Despite the paintings coming in different forms, each piece is still unmistakably the work of Sabek. For those of you who don’t know the artist, his work focuses on nature and it’s relationship with mankind. The main characters in his work are black figures that represent the animal kingdom. You can find Sabek’s powerful eagles, wolves and other animals in murals all over the globe.

Wide shot of the Sabek show

The animalistic pieces that adorn the walls of Montana are mostly paintings on wood. There are also two large canvases hanging at the entrance. What was most surprising for me was that some of what I thought were wood paintings were actually something very different. One side of the gallery features Sabek’s animals brought together with different pieces of coloured paper.

Paper eagle on Wood from Sabek

Standing in the middle of the gallery I would have never noticed this. I’m very glad I got up close to check them out properly and see this very intriguing style. The fact that Sabek even manages to get his characteristic shadowing into these paper pieces makes them even more incredible.

Sabek Website/Instagram

Sabek created a Paper wolf on wood Gorilla on wood by SabekTrio of pieces by Sabek


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