Sagieart – Wednesday wall #56

Sagieart in Barcelona

Swedish artist Sagieart is this week’s Wednesday wall feature. Unfortunately I only have one piece to share and not two. The reason for that? The local council spending tax payers money to buff one of his pieces that was painted at a legal spot. What’s the point of legal spots if the authorities still buff them!?

My complaining won’t matter too much very soon as the council are knocking down two other legal walls to build hotels. The lack of spaces for artists to paint here really is abysmal and personally I feel like Barcelona is miles behind the rest of Europe when it comes to embracing street art and graffiti.


At this point, I feel like I must apologise to Sagieart. I am supposed to be writing about his work and not complaining about Barcelona city council! Sorry Sagie!

With that in mind, let’s chat about Sagie’s piece that I did get to see. The Stockholm based artist created this hyper-realistic trash panda (his words not mine) in the Poblenou area of the city.

Sagieart in Barcelona

The level of realism that artists are able to achieve with spray can’s really does boggle the mind. Looking at this piece on Instagram, I thought it looked great. However seeing it in person really rammed home how good it really is. I think it would be really easy for artists to miss out little details, knowing that us mere mortals wouldn’t notice.

Things like the colour changes on the ‘trash panda’s hair. How it goes from white to grey to brown really is a lot of effort and dedication to the craft. The textures and colour changes on the tongue are similarly impressive and add so much depth to the character. Overall just a really wonderful piece of street art that will hopefully be buffed by another artist and not the f**king council.

Sagieart – Instagram/Website



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