Secret Spots Part 1 – Tim & Oreo

Barcelona is blessed with an abundance of legal walls for artists to do their creative thing… this being both a gift and a curse.

On the one hand it’s brilliant to have so many spaces for artists to brighten up the grey-ness of the city and also express themselves without having to look over their shoulder for the fuzz every 2 minutes. On the other hand with so many artists fighting for space, sometimes pieces barely last 24 hours before being covered up by something else.

With this in mind some artists just aren’t satisfied with the option of legal walls and instead they go hunting for somewhere a little bit different to paint. Sometimes this is found in the form of an abandoned building miles from the city or sometimes its as simple as jumping the fence of a secluded area mere minutes from a popular legal wall and producing pieces that are sure to last that little bit longer.

Good buddies Tim Marsh & Oreo did just that this past week, adding two new pieces to a crumbling, soon to be gentrified space in the city’s Poblenou district.

Tim’s piece is chock full of shapes and colours but with the addition of anime character Totoro, one of Tim’s favourite characters since first encountering the classic Japanese film My neighbor Totoro as a 10 year old. I find it really interesting to see characters created using a mixture of shapes and colours instead of just a simple copy and paste.

Oreo’s piece has his ubiquitous smoking bear alongside a bombing Bart Simpson. An ode to the illegal nature of what Zach was up to that afternoon. I like how the bear itself looks like it’s been bombed by Bart’s can. Maybe that explains the furrowed bro.

More from this location tomorrow…



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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “Secret Spots Part 1 – Tim & Oreo

  1. Superb piece. I am torn on the issue of legal walls. Some are fantastic, and turnover will tend to reflect the quality of the work, but not always. Some are over-curated, and it becomes a bit of a mates club. I favour illegal walls or tolerated walls where a good range of talent can mix and you get a bit of edge.

    1. I feel exactly the same. I think the novelty has almost worn off for me. I still enjoy walking around and finding new pieces but I definitely get more of a ‘rush’ when I find pieces somewhere a little more unexpected.

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