Secret Spots Part 2 – Tim and Mr M

Tim Marsh had obviously got the bug for painting somewhere a bit different as on Saturday he invited another of his painting partners in crime and previous interviewee on this here blog Mr M to join him for a painting session.

Once again fitting themselves through a small gap in the fence (or maybe they just jumped the fence like I should have instead of trying to squeeze my frame through said gap) these two artists added some more colour to the crumbling walls of an old apartment block.

Tim’s piece is a colourful geometric wolf howling into a full moon. The mix of shapes and colours adding some real depth to the wolf. I’m not sure why Tim picked a wolf for this one, maybe it’s a call for more artists to join them in the ‘pack’ and start working away from the mainstream areas of the city.

Mr M as I’m sure your aware by now, specialises in painting these cute little one eyed monsters. This one is my favourite incarnation of his various monster designs, the one with the protruding teeth which makes them look infinitely more dopey and sleepy than scary.

Here’s to finding more street art off the beaten track in the future…



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