Sledone – Wednesday wall #55

Sledone wall in Barcelona.

Bristolian artist Sledone recently paid a little visit to Barcelona. Like so many other artists Sledone found the time to paint a couple of pieces whilst on ‘holiday’. Do artists actually holiday properly? Or does every trip end up with at least one spray somewhere!?

Sledone actually painted twice whilst here, or twice that I know of at least. I was fortunate to at least catch these two in the fast paced scene here. Neither piece lasted all that long surprise surprise.

In fact, I actually saw Sledone painting on the first piece below on I think the Sunday evening. As per usual I didn’t approach him whilst at work as I have that weird overly polite British thing going on. Stupid mistake really, would have been good to say hello I reckon.

Sledone wall in Barcelona.

I like both pieces but I have to say that if I was held at spray point and made to choose, the first piece would be my winner. It’s that over the top toothy rat innit. It’s boss!

Regular readers will know that I sometimes ‘struggle’ with lettering. I don’t always find the joy in it that others do. However, there is no struggling to like either of these pieces. The writing style is so so inventive and original. Both are abstract and imaginative with letters merging into letters all whilst flowing with the characters and other shapes. I love how the One is introduced into the second piece, slap bang in the middle of a letter.

So there you have it, two really nice pieces for this weeks column. Unfortunately there is zero chat from Sledone about either piece or his time in BCN since I am socially awkward and don’t say hello to strangers.

Sledone in Barcelona

Sledone Instagram

Sledone Website

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5 thoughts on “Sledone – Wednesday wall #55

  1. So good to see his work being appreciated in Barcelona. He is one of those versatile artists who can write, do characters and scenes and paints as part of a commission based team called the Paintsmiths. You should have chatted with him he is an incredibly nice bloke…and so young! Nice pics.

    1. Yeah I checked out his paint smiths page, some really nice work. I really wish I had gone and said hello now, would have been nice to tap him for an interview or something similar. You got any plans for interviews? You know the scene so well in Bristol, I think it would be really interesting to hear from a lot of these artists.

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