Street art Berlin #1

I spent four nights in Berlin recently and took one helluva lot of photos of the never ending stream of murals, paste ups, stickers & throw ups that grace the streets. With that in mind I have decided to add to the Madrid and Lisbon columns with a semi regular Berlin one also.

First up is this piece from Berlin based Chilean Claudio Fuente that was created on the weekend that I was in town,  as part of an event at Urban Spree. For anyone visiting Berlin soon I wholeheartedly recommend checking out Urban spree which is an 1700 sqm artistic space which is a graffiti artist and photographers wet dream.

I must admit I didn’t know much about Claudio’s work until seeing this piece whilst in the bar/gallery area of the venue on the Saturday night. I had specifically popped along to check out a graffiti jam and saw this piece along with a few other on the side of the gallery that I didn’t recognise from the previous day.

Claudio likes to work with the idea that “we are only memories suspended in a lapse of time” this concept is apparent in this piece with the fragmented pieces merging together multiple memories of the character to create an overall composition. I’m hugely impressed by the way the fragmented parts fit so well together, it’s a specific style that really makes me think hard about how the piece was first imagined by the artist.

You can check out more from Claudio here.

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