Street art Berlin #2

So I feel that I’m pretty knowledgable about street art and the artists that inhabit that world within Barcelona but when I go to different cities I’m exposed to a whole new world of graffiti and street artists who’s work I’ve never come across before.

This piece for the Yard5 paint jam held at the Urban Spree artistic space is the work of… well that’s the thing, I don’t know who the artist is. Point proven!

I couldn’t see a tag on the piece on the day and looking at Yard5’s Instagram page didn’t help either so I messaged the organisers to see if they could assist with naming the artist, sadly they haven’t replied so far so this one has to go uncredited for now.

It’s just a bit of a silly piece really. Lots of goofy cartoon characters with googly eyes and big teeth all mixed together in one pot. The piece reminds me a little of Mr Doodle with a bit more space in between the characters and of course lots more colour. There’s definitely a bad trip vibe going with piece, all the characters are made up of multiple colours, greens and blues and purples all fading into each other and lets be honest the vast majority of the characters look high as a kite!

Answers on a post card as to the identity of the artist please!

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