Street Art Berlin #3

This piece was another from the graffiti jam that was going on during my final day in Berlin. The event organised by local graffiti shop Yard5 had a ridiculous amount of talented artists creating all over the bar area at Urban Spree, the vast majority of which were totally new to me.

One such artist is Margeir Dire who created this lovely piece just outside the bar area in front of Louis Masai’s massive wild carp mural. Margeir is an Icelandic artist residing in Berlin who actually lived in Barcelona for a number of years working on his craft.

According to the artists Instagram page this piece is inspired by “beautiful chilled moments in Mexico” and is of two friends chilling with some drinks. It’s quite an interesting piece with a mix of styles and I would guess a mix of mediums used to create. It certainly looks like a mix of spray and brush would have been used to bring this one together.

Looking at the artists website this piece looks more like his studio work than his work on the streets. His characters really stick out but also blend into the scene around them with part of their bodies or the tables in this instance disappearing into the blocks of colour. I like how this piece tells a story, the artists friends sitting chilling and chatting at a bar over a few drinks, it’s a scene you don’t need much imagination to envisage but the artist really captures the moment.


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