Street art Berlin #4

TPK Crew member Freeman Scofield aka Babs was one of the artists who participated in Yard5’s graffiti jam back in July.

I’ve seen Babs work before whilst on holiday in Lisbon. I remember being equally intrigued and confused by his work.

I guess Babs work could be classed as graffiti writing deconstructed. The letters have faded into a freestyles of organic and mechanical shapes and movements.

This particular style reminds me in part of the transformers carton film that I loved as a child. In all honesty my brain melts trying to work it all out. How he came up with this style is crazy enough next mind putting it into practice.

Whilst researching a bit about this piece I found that Babs has a book of his sketches on sale just now. You can find it here if you are interested.

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “Street art Berlin #4

  1. This is really quite special…kind of organic-mechanic style. It reminds me a little of Ments here in Bristol, although his stuff doesn’t have the mechanical element.

    1. Yeah it’s very very interesting. I guess he’s into mechanical design and anime, that’s the two immediate things that jump out to me. I’ll have to check out Ments. I’m still not proficient in all the Bristol names yet!

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