Street art Berlin #5

Herakut in Berlin.

Since I pulled my finger out and did a Lisbon column this week, I thought I’d add a Berlin one to the mix also. My Berlin posts to date have been of relatively small pieces so let’s switch it up with this full scale mural. It’s of course by Herakut and took me quite some time to get too.That’s me just being ridiculously stubborn and refusing to get a metro or bike.

Now I’ve just said Herakut as opposed to specifying which one of the duo created this mural. I trawled through Instagram but couldn’t find out the desired info. So I’ll just use the collaborative name instead. It might well have been a collaborative effort anyway.

Herakut in Berlin

So like I said this piece took me hours to get too. I am pretty stubborn when hunting and prefer to walk in the hope that I might stumble across something. This means that I ended up sweating my balls off in the 30 Degree July heat to get to this mural.

Herakut in Berlin

Now that you have heard all about my trails I can speak about the mural. It’s called “If I knew the world ended tomorrow, I’d still plant an apple tree today” and was painted in 2015. The mural features a mother figure with her two children alongside her. The children have branches and leaves growing amongst their hair, a direct nod to the title. As is the duo’s MO the photorealistic details contrast really beautifully against the more expressive line work. Simply a gorgeous mural that was well worth the walk. And the sweating!

Herakut in Berlin

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