Street art Lisbon #1

As mentioned in my weekly round up post I am just back from a weekend break to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Although I did do the standard touristy things i.e standing on multiple streets staring blankly at Google maps and confusing waiters/waitresses with my attempts at Portuguese (I had perfected ordering a coffee by the time I left) the majority of my time was spent hunting for art.

Now, I think I’m pretty good at art hunting and whilst I knew there was a lot (we are talking hundreds of murals not to mention the ‘street’ stuff) I wildly underestimated how much I would be able to see in two and a half days. To be fair, I managed to see around maybe 150-200 pieces of street art in that time but I reckon I have around 200 of the bigger murals in the suburbs still to see. Not only that but the next Loures festival is this summer which promises another 100 new murals… I think I might have to spend a month there to really see it all properly!

I’m going to post a mix of the work that I found on my travels, some smaller stuff and some of the larger pieces also to try and give an overview of the what’s going on in the city and the surrounding areas.

First up are these cool little dudes by TSK crew member Svlech on the famous Calçada da Gloria. I’m a huge sucker for any and all cartoony graffiti so these three characters immediately caught my eye. These are simple yet very effective pieces, using a good colour (I love minty green) and having facial expressions that straddle the line between sly up to no good monsters and dopey no idea what’s going on monsters. They just look incredibly cheeky and fun.

I hadn’t come across Svlech’s work before but he’s an artist who I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future.


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