Street art Lisbon #10

On my first day in Lisbon I got up at 7am (not unusual these days, must be getting old) and got myself on a bus and then a train and went to visit an area called Quinta do Mocha to go on what I thought would be a short-ish street art tour. Instead I spent around six hours walking the streets of this so called ‘rough’ barrio taking photos and speaking to the guide and his wife about the area and the art that covers every single building for as far as you can see.

It’s incredibly hard to pick a favourite piece when you see around eighty murals of this scale but this piece definitely jumped out at me when I first saw it from the other end of the street. I spent a little more time staring at this one than some of the others for sure.

The piece is by an artist by the name of Johnny Double C and has an interesting mix of styles. There is the muralistic style of the female character and the mushrooms that sweep up the side of her and then the top part around her head has more of a traditional graffiti style with the cartoon-ish smashed bricks, shining street light and sketching/painting utensils.

I don’t really know the meaning of the piece and haven’t been able to find out anything about it online but it feels like the character is based on an immigrant who would have come to Lisbon for a new life and found themselves in Quinta do Mocho. The top part of the piece maybe a reference to the graffiti scene in the area before and after the start of this urban art project.

I would say this piece is an under-appreciated gem from this excellent art programme.




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