Street art Lisbon #12

Snapping this piece required a little patience which is not something I am known for, especially after very little sleep and an early start. Thankfully I had just enough to wait for the sun to move sufficiently to the right to get a shadow free shot of this wall in Sacavem near the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

The piece is called “The power to realise our dreams is in our hands” and is by Vespa PDF for the annual Loures arte public festival.

Vespa is an artist I had not heard of until attending the street art tour that day but as you can imagine seeing this piece I was immediately grabbed by the skill in his work. This piece, on the side of a school, depicts a young boy looking up to the sky as if dreaming of being a specific something. The child is surrounded by the most amazing of shapes and colours, twisting and winding around him.

These shapes are not just shapes for the sake of it but Vespa’s incredible take on lettering. A truly modern take on graffiti writing if ever I saw it. The piece is so bright and positive and must be a great source of inspiration to the kids who attend that school each day.





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