Street art Lisbon #13

I’ve been digging through the Lisbon photo archives recently trying to get my drafts in order and found this piece lurking away in there. I don’t really remember this one if I’m being honest, I think with there being so many huge murals outside of the city they maybe take a bit of the focus away from the more centrally located pieces.

The wall is part of Galeria de Arte Urbana’s Calçada da Glória panels project in the heart of the city. It’s by 2upla who I think are a duo from Lisbon, one an architect and one an designer.

The piece is just chaotic, a wild mess of colours and shapes. It kind of looks like an explosion in a paint factory with green and orange blobs and some oversized blue fingers thrown into the mix.

Checking the artists Instagram post on the piece they suggested that the wall appeared of it’s on accord “There is an explanation and it is a weird story. One of the lightbulbs of the spot exploded and let the hidden chaotic mess out”

A really interesting and colourful piece for an excellent art project that sadly seems to get a little overlooked in favour of the much larger mural project that to be honest is getting a little out of hand now. But that’s a story for another day.

Also, sorry for just one photo… that seems to have happened a lot during my Lisbon trip for some reason.





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