Street art Lisbon #14

I was and still am amazed at the sheer amount of street art in Lisbon. Obviously there are the larger mural projects outside of the city which garner the majority of the attention and publicity but the city centre has so much great stuff going on as well.

On my last Lisbon post I mentioned the Galeria de Arte Urbana project, this organisation seems to be at the heart of everything in the city. They have five separate on-going projects, which range from legal, anyone can paint here walls to monthly or longer term intervention projects.

This piece is part of their project called ‘Reciclar o Olhar – Intervenção artística em vidrões’ (translates to Recycling the sight – An artistic intervention on bottle banks/bottle recycling bins) Two or three times a year GAU hold an open call and artists of any level or experience are invited to submit their designs for these recycling bins dotted around the city.

One such artist who has participated is Romanian illustrator, graffiti artist and Lisbon resident Nicolae Negura. This bottle bank is actually an old one, from back in 2015 but it’s still in great condition.

The piece appears to be an ode to the fishing community of Lisbon with a character surrounded by fish swimming through the ocean. Hanging from the neck of the character and winding through the ocean are the lines used to catch the fish and bring home dinner. I believe the actual person in the piece to be that of Mia Couto a Mozambican writer and biologist, although I am not 100% sure on that.

Anyway this is a really nice piece of work from an interesting and thoughtful initiative in the heart of Lisbon that I hope will continue for years to come.






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