Street art Lisbon #15

There’s over five hundred murals gracing the walls of the various districts outside of Lisbon as part of Loures Arte Publica’s mission to bring as much art to the area as possible. It’s quite an overwhelming visual experience to be surrounded by so many huge murals and I only saw about a hundred never mind the full five hundred.

In amongst all those murals there are of course a few that really stick out and grab your attention both at the time and when looking back at photos afterwards. This enormous mind bending mural most definitely does both.

Astro in Quinta do Mocho for Loures Arte Publica

This three sided mural is of course the unmistakeable work of Parisian artist Astro. Astro is known throughout the globe for these insane optical illusions that fuse 3D gateways to other worlds with calligraphy. This piece features multiple purple pathways into or out of the buildings all surrounded by incredibly detailed black and white writing sweeping and curling around the wall.

I spoke with the tour guide out in Quinta do Mocho about this piece and he told me that as an artist himself he was in awe of Astro, not just because of the amazing murals he creates but mainly due to his work ethic. He told me that Astro would already be up on the crane working when everyone arrived in the morning and they would have to drag him down to come for dinner in the evening.

I believe the word he used to describe him was Sprayaholic… Street art anonymous meetings anyone?

Astro in Quinta do Mocho for Loures Arte Publica

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