Street art Lisbon #18

This is one of if not my favourite piece from my trip to the outskirts of Lisbon to see all the works for the Loures Arte Publica mural project.

This collaborative piece between Luis Seven Martins otherwise known as L7 Matrix and Vespa was on a wall just outside the Sacavem train station. It was a very welcome surprise when stepping out of the station.

L7 Matrix & Vespa

The two artists differing styles overlap wonderfully on this particular wall. To the right of the wall you have Vespa’s incredible graffiti writing, in this instance he has turned his mechanical shapes into a flower in full bloom. The flower appears to be drawing in L7’s stylised colourful birds. The birds look like they are trying to escape but are being dragged into the flowers powerful grasp. Incredible work.

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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    1. I remember seeing them online yes, he did some stuff here a few years ago also but being Barcelona they were tagged pretty quickly.

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