Street art Lisbon #19

Vhils in Lisbon

I’ve not done one of these Lisbon pieces in an minute. So let’s get back into it with a cracker from the ever excellent Vhils. Lisbon is not quite Vhils home turf (he was born in nearby Seixal) But due to the close proximity his work can be found all over the city. This ‘mural’ was originally created in 2014 as part of his ‘Dissection’ solo show.

I believe the name of the mural is ‘predominate’ and of course it shows off his unique and groundbreaking bas-relief carving technique.

Vhils in Lisbon

I guess that I feel pretty fortunate to have seen this piece with my own eyes as in October last year, it was demolished. As Vhils himself said on his Instagram page, nothing lasts forever. The destruction of this mural (and building) really rams home the ephemeral nature of street art however. It would appear that the artist is quite chilled about the whole thing but I find it pretty disappointing. Property developers always win these battles I guess.

One positive note is that once demolished, Vhils sold pieces of the wall alongside some prints for a charitable cause. All the proceeds from the sales went to the We Yone Child Foundation. Their mission is to build a secondary school to provide sustainable education and care to underprivileged children in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Vhils in Lisbon

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4 thoughts on “Street art Lisbon #19

    1. Oh wow really? That’s pretty cool to be honest, to see these types of artists and their work appear in places such as Exeter. He’s at Nuart in my home town of Aberdeen this year as well. They have a stellar line up if you haven’t seen it?

        1. I went to Nuart last year and it was very exciting to see my town embrace such a thing. It’s Easter weekend this year so a bit pricey for me to get back. I will try and get there this year though cos the line up is really something.

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