Street art Lisbon #4

For this week’s street art Lisbon feature I’m focusing on artist Coruja. Coruja translates to Owl in English and the owl is the main focus of this artists paste up work. I came across four pieces in my short time in Lisbon but I’m pretty sure if i’d had more time I would have found many many more. If the artists Instagram account is anything to go by, he’s prolific in the streets.

Looking at Coruja’s IG page he seems to be fascinating by the idea of ‘watching you’ maybe why he chose the owl in the first place. I can’t decide if the artist is watching us, the people in power or it’s a play on the authorities watching graffiti artists and trying to catch them in the act.

Either way I enjoyed finding these pieces around the city and I like how none of them look the same. The look of an artist always trying to improve and add something different to his work.

If you are ever in Lisbon keep your eyes peeled because Coruja is watching.



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